Latest Products

Name SKU Sensor Pixel Size Resolution Port Video Coding Price
IP16AV510D 1/2.7" OmniVision PureCel OS05A10 + Hi3516A CMOS BOARD 5.0 MegaPixel Real-Time FOR CCTV IP Camera (5MP, OS05A10) IP16AV510D $61.93
IP16XS323-AZ27135 2MP 1080P 1/2.9" IMX323 IP Camera module 2.7-13.5mm Auto zoom lens IP16XS323-AZ27135 2.8μm $51.25
1/2.5" SONY IMX274 + Hi3519V101 4K 8MP 3840x2160 H.265 IP Camera BOARD (8MP, AZ(Auto Zoom) + ET9(TF + Alarm), IMX274) IP19VS274D-AZ-ET9 $170.40
Outdoor IP66 waterproof aluminum Bullet camera housing ACH15DZ $17.60
IP16DS327D-AZ0550 IMX327 + HI3516D IP 5-50mm Auto Zoom Starlight Security CCTV HD Camera Module board IP16DS327D-AZ0550 2.9μm $119.50
IP37S307 1/2.8" SONY Starlight IMX307 SSC337 Security CCTV HD Camera Module board 2MP 1080P H.264 H.265 IP37S307 2.9μm $19.50
IP30C46 1/2.9" SSC30KD Security CCTV HD Camera Module board 4MP H.264 H.265 IP30C46 $15.50
IP16DP229D 1/3" 2MP WDR 120db Panasonic 34229 + Hi3516D IP camera video recorder board (2MP, MN34229) IP16DP229D $54.72
IP16XS323-AZ0622 IP16XS323-AZ0622 2.8μm $57.82
IPCB-EP2 standard 48V to 12V 38mm POE module for IP camera baord module IPCB-EP2 $4.80
White Ethernet DC power waterproof cable with connectors for IP Camera board ACBEP11 $1.00
IP16DS291D-AZ0550 1/2.8" 2MP Sony IMX291 HI3516D CMOS Module 10X 5-50mm Auto Zoom Lens IR-CUT filter IP16DS291D-AZ0550 2.9μm $109.84
IP37C43 1/2.9" SSC337 Security CCTV HD Camera Module board 4MP H.264 H.265 IP37C43 $17.50
1/2.8" 3MP 1080P WDR 120db Sony Starvis IMX123 Hi3516D H.265 IP Camera module (IMX123, 3MP, 22mm) IP16DS123D $109.19
IP16XS323D-AZ0550 1/2.9" 2MP 1080P Sony IMX323 + HI3516CV300 H.265 IP Camera Module board 5-50mm Auto Zoom Lens (2MP, IMX323) IP16XS323D-AZ0550 2.8μm $96.41
IP16AS178D-AZ3611 1/1.8" 5MP sony IMX178 Starlight IP camera board 3.6-11mm auto zoom lens IP16AS178D-AZ3611 $150.10
IP16DS291D-AZ0722 IP16DS291D-AZ0722 2.9μm $105.80
IP35C35 1/2.7" SC3335 SSC335 Security CCTV HD Camera Module board 4MP H.264 H.265 IP35C35 $12.80
1/2.8" 3MP 1080P Sony Starvis IMX124 Hi3516D H.265 IP Camera module (IMX124, 3MP, 22mm) IP16DS124D $109.19
IP16XS323D-AZ0722 1/2.9" 2MP 1080P sony IMX323 H.265 IP Camera module 7-22mm Auto zoom lens IP16XS323D-AZ0722 2.8μm $67.12
IP16AV510-AZ27135 1/2.5" 5MP OS05A10 realtime 30fps IP camera module board 2.7-13.5mm auto zoom lens IP16AV510-AZ27135 $94.00
IP19VS334D-L5 8MP realtime Sony IMX334 Hi3519V101 Dual Board 5mm Lens IP Network camera board IP19VS334DK-L5 2.0μm $172.00
IP16DS291D-AZ27135 IP16DS291D-AZ27135 2.9μm $71.75
IP528S334D-M12 NOVATEK NT98528 1/1.8" Sony Starlight IMX334 M12 8MP 4K CCTV IP CAMERA module Board IP528S334D-M12 2.0μm $119.00